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Autologon authentication manager

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Usually after changing some code, made by you or generated by WAD, you restart the tomcat server to get the latest version and be able to test it. If you are in a very productive day, you change a lot of code, so you restart your tomcat server several times. What happens? that after restarting your tomcat (depending on your server’s configuration) you loose the session and you need to log in again and again, almost every time you restart the server and that’s is annoying (at least to me).

Autologon authentication manager is your friend! You only need to set it in the Openbravo.properties, define which is the username you want to use and voila! Every time you access the application it will log in automatically using the specified user.

How to configure it?

Just add to your Openbravo.properties this lines:


The authentication.autologon.username property defines the user you want to use.

I hope this tip will increase your productivity.


Written by katratxo

December 6, 2009 at 10:00 am

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