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Improved JSLint check on Mercurial

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We have been working with the previous version of the Mercurial JSLint precommit hook for several months now, and we pretty happy with the results, it catches the most common JavaScript pitfalls.

However this hook was not smart enough, it checked all the modified JavaScript files even if they were not part for the commit, and this situation annoyed some experienced developers:

I have unfinished JavaScript changes, but I’m committing a Java files!! Why this hook is checking files that are not part of the commit!?? I need to do this Java changes now … I’ll disable this hook.

The Solution

The solution is to run the check on the pretxncommit hook, where you have already the list of files that are part of the commit. You can check the modified JavaScript files and if JSLint complains, the transaction is rolled back.

The Code

The changes are simple. Use hg log to get the list of files from $HG_NODE and pass them through JSLint.

Update: The previous version of the script was not working on every case. The problem is that hg log –template ‘{files}’ outputs all the modified files in a single line. That output saw used as input of awk, that was not filtering properly. I found a workaround, perhaps is not the nicest script, but is working.

# Mercurial pretxncommit hook
for i in $(hg log -r $HG_NODE --template '{files}'); do echo $i | awk '/.js$/ | xargs -rn1 /path/to/jslint || exit 1; done;


As many times, thanks to Juan Pablo and the Mercurial Community for providing the way to check only the files part of the changeset.


Written by katratxo

July 30, 2011 at 8:55 am

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  1. Hi,
    Am new to Openbravo. For demo/evaluation and production use which installation can be used? http://wiki.openbravo.com/wiki/Installation

    Didn’t find a forum where i could ask this hence posting here.


    Joseph George

    August 3, 2011 at 7:08 am

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